Some Ragnarok Online Information

Getting started... 

	I know nothing about this game! ( getting started )
	I'd just like to know how to make zeny... ( zeny making guide )
	I want more in-depth information ( ... see the link section at bottom )
	getting started guides incoming!

SomeA few quick nice info...

Prontera maze walkthrough

Aldebaran woe map walkthrough
Geffen woe map walkthrough
Payon woe map walkthrough
Prontera woe map walkthrough

A big archive of emblems (file found on the web) (Hoster won't allow file over 500kb)
All those emblems listed...  (too lazy to upload for now)

A simple stat calculator for your RO character. (outdated for renewal)


iRO website
Valkyrie WOE info
iRO market
RO character simulator (beat my xls files, but less portable :) )
Information about what's upcomming for iRO (based on what's going on kRO)
Doddler's various tools
iRO database (monsters, items and others tools)
BG rewards (gne lazy)

I'm so lazy, most of those link are outdated, silly renewal.